When Big Cat Coffees wanted to make some serious scratch, they called on WaLa Marketing Group

Marty Cohen of Big Cat Coffees wanted to take his company from kitten to business tiger. He called on WaLa to put the pounce in his plan.

WaLa designed an e-commerce system that supports Big Cat's back-office order fulfillment process, slashing the steps needed to pick, pack and ship orders. And WaLa's integrated marketing strategy generated the buzz the company needed to jump-start the enterprise.

How does a newcomer create a buzz in a competitive coffee marketplace?
WaLa worked with Big Cat Coffees to carry out a simple but hard-to-execute marketing strategy:
To delight customers, we first made sure the order picking, packing, and shipping processes were reliable, accurate and efficient. Then we developed a referral program that rewards customers for getting their friends and family to buy Big Cat beverages.

Smart strategies like these are just one way we make sure your marketing and technology expenditures pay for themselves, and then some.

Big Cat Coffees' Big Idea: Purr-fect Packs
Other K-cup coffee vendors make you buy your favorite beverages by the boxful. Big Cat Coffees recognizes that people like to mix it up. That's why Big Cat created the Purr-fect Pack, a K-cup assortment that you specify to your tastes.

Purr-fect Packs have been a huge hit with customers. They require more work, but WaLa helped Big Cat streamline operations to provide this value-added service at no extra charge to customers.
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